by Eric E. Cane

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The following is the current result of my decades long personal research on the emergence and processing of human consciousness. This isn’t only from my intuition, but what I have also derived from deep personal experience, observation and reflection as well as empirical evidence and known, peer-reviewed scientific research.

This is my opinion based on my work to date.

To quickly sum it up: Consciousness emerges from a persistent and dynamic self-referencing system creating a feedback mechanism that helps define an individual within…

By Eric E. Cane

Do you remember your childhood? The good parts? Here’s a memory of mine I’d like to share. This stepping back in time will be used as part of your own exercise in keeping your curiosity and creativity alive :

I remember walking outside. My hands were cold in my wet mittens. My fingers hurt. I moved them, squeezing them tight together. Water soaking the mittens dribbled out like a slowly leaking faucet to the snow and ice at my feet.

My toes hurt, too. Trying to pull hard rubber boots over my sneakers was always frustrating…

I had better things to do today than to sit in the center and contemplate slapping, spanking, and otherwise shocking the ignorance out of some of you.

But here I am.

You cannot claim to be tolerant and loving to your echo chamber compatriots when you don’t demonstrate this to all people. Love does not distinguish between skin color, religion, intelligence, sexual orientation, nationality, leftness and rightness. Nor does it care about your fears.

Love is love. Period. If you claim to love some humans, but then go out of your way to blast people you fear and disagree with…

Excerpt from chapter four of: More Than This, A Tenets of Truth Book by Eric E. Cane

Listen to the audio version on my podcast here

The Free Child in Nature is an important default way of thinking. It helps one realize those things meaningfully necessary to inspiration, creative freedom, and individual expression. It helps define one’s sovereignty, or right to self-determination and authority over their own person.

The Free Child in Nature is the freely sensing and exploring uninhibited child aware in her environment.

This child bears no trappings of society. No religion. No prejudice. …

What does it mean to be human?

Short story by Eric E. Cane

Ash reached down and picked up the dots. She had spilled the tray as before. Hadn’t seen it.

Of course, that’s what she said every time. She was susceptible to inattention. Distraction.

“Oh, dear,” she said, trying to trap the dots in her fingers.

They were small and moved slightly as her fingers came close. The chip in her head signaled to them just the right amount of movement that would make it a challenge to pick them up, but not so challenging she would leave them…

Author’s note: I had some anxiety about posting this, because of the fear for me I think it might inspire in people who know me. Some close friends thought it could help others, and that’s why it’s here. Please know this is not a plea for help. I am a writer, and this is an exercise in vulnerability. These are not current feelings.

I don’t want to kill myself; I just don’t want to be alive.

Driving over 120 miles an hour on a dark country road with no lights in deer country didn’t do it. …

Introduction: Wallace Drew, a simple man with the common sense of his father’s bad experiences, goes door to door preaching the Good Word. He ends up meeting a man who changes his life and disturbs his faith.

Fiction with some adult language and themes.

Chapter 1

The sky was bruised with slowly churning clouds. The wind increased, pushing against him and stirring up dust from the road into his eyes. He blinked hard to clear them.

It’s gonna rain, Wallace thought. Soon. It would fall in a heavy wash.

Thunder sounded in the distance. Wallace could see no lightning.

He hated lightning.

I was in a gathering place.

I watched a little girl in a flowery dress walk through the lobby atrium. Her father walked a few steps behind her.

The first thought that came to my mind was: Grow her strong. Don’t release her into the world without a solid, independent underpinning that can understand flattery as well as insult and not be shaken to the core by either.

Make certain:

That she have a strong, capable body gotten through pushing her physical limits early — through intense play and goal setting. …

Audiobook Version: E. E. Cane on Soundcloud

(This is a preview chapter 3 of my upcoming book — More Than This.)

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

The maxim “You don’t know what you don’t know” is actually a powerful revelation to people.

Our egos tend to put us in the position of wanting to appear knowledgeable to others, which can limit our actually being able to learn more. I mean, why would you need to listen and accept information from others when you’ve already professed to people your wisdom on some subject?

This is one of the self-limiting behaviors to our growth, which is an…

Eric E. Cane

A writer giving you his best. Novelist and poet.

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